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    Game of Thrones + name meanings [1 of ??]

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    Los Angeles-based artist Audrey Kawasaki recently unveiled her latest series of wood panel paintings inspired by kimonos given to her by her mother. Titled Hirari Hirari (“the sound or movement of a petal, leaf, or flower slowly falling”), the series is on display from August 2 to August 30 at the Merry Karnowsky Gallery in Los Angeles.

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    Amanda Jasnowski
    Selected Landscapes, 2013

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    This is something that slips past the Western viewers- it looks like it’s reaching out for Chihiro, in a malicious way, to the Western viewers. It’s what I thought growing up.

    However, now, that I know that it’s a way of signalling for someone to ‘Come here!’ in Japan, the scene takes on a whole new meaning.

    That spirit knows that if Chihiro doesn’t eat the food, she will disappear. And it knows if it offers the food, she cannot be cursed as a gluttonous pig because it wouldn’t have been stolen.

    Just a unique take when you have all of the context.

    #ye that’s why those lucky cat figurines have their paw posed like that #it’s to invite good luck over

    This also means come here in Korea! I caught this and loved it!

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